3 DIY Fitness Hacks for the Stressed Individual

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For those who work eight (or more) hours a day, muscle pain can be commonplace. The daily grind can take its toll on our bodies. And it doesn’t end there, though, as we have to get up the next day and do it all over again, barely giving ourselves time to heal.

Some wellness centers can provide pain management massage services in Salt Lake City. Not everyone has the time or money for a massage, though. Here are some DIY tricks you can try at home to ease those knots that have been bothering you for a while.

Essential oils help

Growing up, you might have cringed whenever your mother brought out her eucalyptus oil. While it did help treat your aches, it just stunk. How could something that smelled so bad be good for you? Not to fear, though – for one, some oils such as lavender are pleasant to the nose.

Experts recommend using essential oils not just for muscle pain, but also for skin care, blood circulation, and so much more.

Exercise, exercise, exercise

Let’s be honest: you probably sit at a desk for eight hours a day. This can be debilitating to your body, as it increases the likelihood of long-term spinal and muscular problems. If you don’t have time for the gym, you can exercise at home.

Experts recommend 30 minutes of exercise daily, whether it’s a brisk walk, a jog around the neighborhood, or a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout. This helps you keep your muscles engaged, releases positive hormones, and helps release the stress of the day.


Our cells can break down as we go through the day. Many triggers, such as food, pollution, and stress can cause the buildup of toxins, preventing our bodies from functioning properly. With a healthy intake of antioxidants, you can delay cell damage as much as you can.

The good news is that antioxidant intake won’t be much of a chore – dark chocolate, cranberries, and pecans are rich sources.

There you go. Just follow these tips, and we are sure you’ll be recharged in no time.

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