What is Facial Aesthetics?


Teeth WhiteningAs a qualified dentist you are already familiar with the concept of facial aesthetics in the forms of teeth whitening, dental veneers and diastema treatment. To enhance this dental work the Botox Training Club runs Botox Courses for dentists to enable you to offer this service to your patients. These workshops are carefully designed to equip you, on completion of the course, to perform safe, effective treatments in which minute quantities of botulinum toxin A are injected, usually subcutaneously, to inactivate specific facial muscles, smoothing out frown lines and wrinkles. This treatment is normally effective for 3 to 4 months depending on the patient, after which they may choose to repeat the procedure to extend the beneficial effects.

A Wealth Of Experience

As dentist of more than 20 years standing, the creator of Botox Training Club, Dr Harry Singh, is well aware of the challenges facing the dental profession, and, with this in mind, has designed this workshop to concentrate on the facial areas most requested for treatment, namely, the forehead, the glabella (frown lines) and around the eyes (crows feet). For the most effective treatment, the location and amount of Botox must be skilfully judged and, having performed over 3000 Botox procedures, Dr Singh is eminently qualified to guide students how best to achieve the most satisfactory results.

Marketing Your New Resource

To justify the expenses incurred during the acquisition of any new skill, a suitable return on the investment should be expected. By including both pre- and post-workshop support in the training we prepare you to begin treating patients at the conclusion of the course. Also, we invite all participants to include one member of their team to attend the course as an observer, to acquaint themselves with the process and enable them to knowledgeably answer any questions from potential patients and promote your new skill, helping to expand the business and increasing profitability. If your patients are not aware that you are offering this new service, they won’t ask for it, so the Botox Training Club will provide advertising material and flyers as well as giving advice on the best ways to attract new patients.

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