Water Damage: Causes, Effects, and Solutions


FloodHomeowners often take water damage problems for granted. This is because of the common misconception that having a slippery floor is the worst consequence of water overflow. Homeowners only attempt to repair the damage during heavy rains and storms. However, this shouldn’t be the case because a simple water damage problem could become disastrous if not instantly fixed.

Causes of Water Damage

Water damage is often caused by broken pipes, faulty dishwashers, and clogged plumbing fixtures. This leads to the overflow of liquid from the original source to different areas of the house. Cracks in the house may also trigger the release of confined pressure, which subsequently results in a massive water leak. Storms and floods can worsen the water damage in your home as well.

Effects of Prolonged Water Damage in Your Home

A simple leak in a pipe can cause flooding in your home. Water can damage wood and other materials, and even lead to fire emergencies. AAA Restoration, a Utah water damage restoration company, says water can also damage appliances and ruin your personal items.

Effects of Prolonged Water Damage on a Person’s Health

Prolonged water damage can affect your health. Moisture facilitates the growth and reproduction of molds, which increases the risk for respiratory disorders. Fungi and bacteria may lodge in your respiratory tract and cause difficulty in breathing.

Molds may also weaken the immune system of children due to the hazardous substances released by fungi that thrive in a wet environment. Furthermore, overgrowth of molds makes you more susceptible to fungal infections.

If you don’t act right away, you’ll deal with worse problems such as wrecked belongings, compromised immune system, and fungal overgrowth.

Several homeowners don’t see the importance of repairing water damage problems immediately. Be more active in preventing water damage before it causes more costly problems for you.

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