Value for Money: Knowing your Jewelry’s Worth

Knowing your Jewelry’s Worth

Knowing your Jewelry’s WorthJewelry, other than beautifying an outfit, is generally used for expression of endearment. Most people see it as a token to express love, something to give during a special occasion. Some see it as gifts, while others buy it to pamper and express themselves.

When it’s outlived its usefulness to you, however, you might want to sell it back. If you’re planning to sell wedding jewelry, Utah has a number of buyers who would be more than willing to take it off your hand. One thing you have to make sure is to not sell yourself—or the jewelry—short.

Getting to Know the True Value

When it comes to appraisal, it’s important to know not just the value of the main element of the jewelry, but every part of it. That includes the metals, gold, silver, and other precious stones in-laid in the piece. You want to get a selling price for the jewelry piece that takes into account its real value: stones, main body, and precious metals combined.

Make Sure you Have Everything

If you’re unsure of what your jewelry actually costs, research about the value of each element of the piece you’re selling. To be sure, consult an expert about its true value before you price it for selling.

You should also take a look at some prices online to make sure yours is in the right range. The market price changes from time to time, so it’s good to check online to be up to date.

Value the Treasure

Jewelry is a treasure to anyone who owns one. When selling off something like this, it’s nice to know you’re not selling yourself short. Know that for some, it’s a treasure, and the prestige it has might carry more value.

Whether you’re going to sell in a local jewelry store or online, be it a gift or an heirloom, know the true value of the piece first before you attach a price to it.

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