Used Car Purchase: 3 Types of Protection Consumer Guarantees Give


Woman Holding a Car KeyWhen you buy a used vehicle in Queensland, or whatever goods or services for that matter, the law automatically gives you rights that ensure you get what you pay for. Apart from a statutory warranty, consumer guarantees help protect you from any abuse by the motor dealership.

These rights generally promise that the used vehicle should be in acceptable quality, matches any of its description or demonstration models and is legally available for sale by the business among others. But on top of the obvious, your consumer guarantees also protect you in many other ways:

They Don’t Require a Warranty

With or without a statutory warranty, you still have your consumer guarantees. They’re like your birthrights you’re naturally entitled whenever you spend your money on any goods or services.

And if any type of warranty that comes with your used vehicle purchase expires, these rights would stick and continue to protect you against unfair business practices.

They Force the Motor Dealer to Treat You Right

According to an expert from Boettcher Motors, self-respecting Brisbane and Ipswich car dealers honour consumer guarantees, but there are still those who discredit them. No worries, though; no matter how your motor dealership disregard them, the business has no power to render them meaningless – even if they make you sign on the dotted line.

The only situations they wouldn’t take effect are when the damage occurred because of your negligence or misuse and due to the components you fitted to the vehicle after the transaction.

They Provide Reasonable Remedies for Failure

If your used vehicle doesn’t meet your consumer guarantees, you have the liberty to seek a remedy to fix the problem. You can return the vehicle for a replacement or ask for the refund. Also, you can choose to get the problems repaired and ask for compensation for the drop in value amongst others.

As opposed to their new brethren, used vehicles are more prone to mechanical problems and other legal issues from their previous ownership. But because you have consumer guarantees, you wouldn’t have to shop in the used car market unprotected by the law.

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