Tree Grooming: When to Prune and When to Lop

Tree pruning

Tree pruningTrees are helpful in every way; however, like everything else that has value, they have to be taken care of. You have the option to prune or to lop. Despite both being largely alike, they are not.

What is the difference between the two? Pruning is mostly an art form, look at bonsais—this is their method of grooming, something almost like an art form. Moreover, its uses are limited to small plants like shrubs or bushes.

Lopping, on the other hand, though unadvised by Australian standards, is still a need under certain circumstances. If pruning is for smaller plants, lopping is for full-grown trees whose sizes are almost beyond measure.

This becomes a hot topic, especially when the number of deaths caused by trees is now at 35, as opposed to 33 last year.

Now, when is it the right time to prune, and when is it the right time to lop? Trees may be a very difficult matter to deal with. These signs will help you determine whether you should prune or lop.

Trees Overgrow and Damage Properties

As helpful trees are, not maintaining them can lead to accidents. If your tree’s growth compromises the safety of your home then it’s probably time you get it checked, especially in a place like Perth, tree lopping comes as no surprise.

Bushes Grow Too Big

Shrubs and bushes are meant to be kept a certain height or size. Their growth needs looking after, too much will lead to the emergence of unnecessary branches that may affect the plant’s healthy development.

To address this need, pruning is you best option, because they are smaller than trees and only need small handheld tools. This method rejuvenates the plant and gives them a fresher look.

Damaged Branches

It is inevitable for your trees to sustain injuries, like cuts or fractures. This also heavily compromises your safety and your home’s structure.
Since tree branches are bigger and thicker, having them lopped may be the only way to assure you of their safety.

Finally, before undergoing any maintenance on your plants and trees be sure to consult the advice of professionals or simply hire a contractor to do the job right.

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