Transform Your Dull Loft Into Something Functional and Cozy

Bed between ladder and plant in green boho bedroom interior with grey carpet under lamps

If you think your loft is only designed for storage purposes, you might be mistaken, although that’s not entirely wrong. You can use your loft however you want, storage included, but if yours has a height of 2.2 meters or more, then that room is perfectly capable of serving other purposes; something more fun, unique, and useful.

From a sitting room to a library to a gym, your dreary loft is a versatile space that can be easily converted into a single-use or multi-purpose room. Especially for small houses, making use of the loft as an additional entertainment area, for example, can benefit its inhabitants and guests greatly.

In Reigate and other areas, companies with expertise in loft conversion projects are at your service. Meanwhile, here are some of your options for loft transformations:

1. Sitting Room

When you often have guests, gathering them at the loft would be better instead of making them crowd your main sitting room. In a separate, more secluded area, you can have more privacy and independence from your housemates, if you have any. For families, having an extra sitting room is also ideal, especially for growing kids because they tend to demand a space for themselves. A spacious loft sitting room would also serve as the perfect haven if you want to enjoy some peace and quiet.

If your loft is small, you can attach a large mirror to the wall to make the space appear larger. As for furniture, choosing something multi-functional would be more practical, like ottoman seats, although that decision is entirely up to you.

2. Library

woman peacefully reading in her couch

For the bookworm, nothing beats a cozy library. Invest in bookcases that can house your collection of books and add a soft chair where you can read comfortably. To feel like you’re in a classic novel, you can furnish your loft library with old-fashioned pieces, such as dark wood shelves and leather seats. It doesn’t matter if it totally contrasts the furnishing in the lower levels; the strongly opposing theme of your library would only make it more mystical and fancy.

3.   Bedroom

Transforming a loft into a bedroom is one of the most common loft ideas. With an extra bedroom, you can now host sleepovers for your friends. If your loft is small, you have to choose a bed that won’t eat up too much space, and something that’s more functional than your average bed.

You can opt for the popular bed type that has storage spaces underneath. But to be more innovative, try a bed with hydraulics at the frame. This mechanism creates a hidden compartment right beneath the mattress. This stellar concept changed the game for multi-use furniture that small flat owners love.

4. Home Office

If you are freelancing, operating a home-based business, or just wanting a peaceful area where you can do any work, then converting your loft into a home office is what you need. With a space particularly designed for work, all your important files and other work-related materials would find a home. Up in the loft, you’re also far from any distraction, so you can expect to be more productive.

5. Gym

Staying fit would be made easier and less costly with your very own home gym. If yours is spacious, you have the option to put heavy and large gym equipment inside. For smaller spaces, on the other hand, you can make the area fully vacant, placing only a yoga mat and a few lightweight objects in it. With this open space, the room would not only function as a gym but as a meditation haven as well.

Following the trend of maximizing and utilizing all areas of a house, the loft should not be neglected. You have a wide array of design and decor options for this lovely space, so before your loft gets wasted away, give it a transformation.

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