Top Chicago Sightseeing Tours for the Perfect Romantic Retreat

chicago retreat

chicago retreatChicago is a major city bordering the beautiful Lake Michigan. Although it is mostly recognized as a chief financial and business hub in the Midwest, it is also buzzing with culture and boasts of many sights worth seeing. The places of interest in what many call The Windy City range from world class museums to beautiful parks and great restaurants—all of which can be the perfect romantic retreat for couples.

48 Hour Visit offers a quick guide on what you can do if you are planning a weekend getaway to Chicago with the love of your life:

Watery World

Chicago lies right on the coast of Lake Michigan, which means that your trip to the great city is not complete without a romantic water ride. Choose from a bevy of boat tours available, including but not limited to the following:

  • Architectural tours featuring iconic buildings in the Midwest
  • Lunch or dinner cruises that allow you and your partner to bond over sumptuous food
  • Lake excursions that are ideal for couples who just want to enjoy some private moments amidst placid lake waters

Picasso Statue of Chicago

One thing that you must not forget to see when spending a weekend in Chicago is the Picasso Statue of Chicago. The statue is said to be a dog, a sphinx, or even a former lover. This fantastic creature that took birth in the mind of Pablo Picasso is the perfect venue not just for quiet crowd gatherings, but also for musical events and the farmer’s market, depending on the season.

Downtown Views

Do not forget to visit the museums dotting downtown Chicago. The three most wonderful museums in downtown Chicago include the Field Museum of Natural History, the Shedd Aquarium, and the Adler Planetarium.

There is also the renowned Museum of Contemporary Art in this area that is home to an ample feast for your eyes by way of mesmerizing works of modern art.

The best thing about Chicago is that there is no need to worry about your accommodations. The city is home to many great choices, even if you have a limited budget for your 48-hour getaway!

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