The Trick to Creating an Environmentally Friendly Office Space


Eco-friendly is no longer reserved for environmental purists who are willing to drive hybrids or activists who want to plant as many trees as possible. You can play your role by simply converting your workspace into a sustainable and healthy environment. These shifts will not only help save the planet (in its small but significant way) but also cut down your future expenses. One way or another, you’re going to have to retrofit your space.

While it is true hiring a building services consultant will allow you to make a 180 regarding your office in Tigard, there’s a lot you can do on your own at little or no extra costs.

Here are the top tips that you can start using now:

Start Using Green Office Supplies

Avoiding traditional office staples and paper in favor of recyclable sticky notes or even soft copy notes on your computer and mobile devices will have an impact on the number of trees we need to make paper. The same concept applies to any recyclable item that doesn’t have the tough plastic found in popular binders.

Reuse Before Recycling

Office space

How many times have you disposed of unfilled diaries just because it is a new year? While having new stuff in your cabinets and desks might feel fancy, those free pages or still usable folders you are throwing away might still be useful. Encouraging people to use everything to its fullest before disposing it off will help you cut operating costs while making the office greener.

Avoid Unnecessary Printing

Soft copy documents are the most eco-friendly we can ever get. The space they occupy can be reused with utter ease and they don’t leave a massive footprint like printed paper. Reducing the amount of printing in the office by embracing software that encourages easy document sharing, makes softcopy presentations easier and even replaces physical noticeboards will reduce the amount of paper you use on the printer per month.

This will immediately cut down your operating costs while offsetting the demand for fresh paper in the long run.

Rethink Your Office

Everyone loves their space. Sweeping corridors, huge corner offices, and majestic lobbies. Even though these make the working place more interesting, they are expensive to air condition and light especially if you haven’t invested in making them as eco-friendly as possible.

You have two options here. Either get a professional designer to make your office space greener or scale down. Smaller offices need less maintenance and utilities to run.

Making your workspace greener sounds like a tall order that requires a lot of renovations and changes. Even though this is true in most cases, there are still those tiny things that you can do to make a difference without spending a fortune. Simple strategies like turning off computers and printers at the wall socket at night to opening up the curtains and switching off the lights at day time will go a long way into cutting your utility bills while making your office space a greener and eco-friendlier place.

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