Personalize Your Gifts with Crafting

woman wrapping gifts and adding handcrafted designs

Special occasions are never complete without gifts. More often than not, they come in neat little packages tied up with bows, complete with a greeting card. Most customers buy them ready made from stores. But if you’re into arts and crafts, you can make your own gift wrappers and greeting cards with some very simple materials and a lot of creativity. You can have fun designing wrappers with a mermaid stamp. There are also stamps with unicorns, bears, flowers, stars, and other fun shapes and patterns you can think of. Think of it as going back to the time when everything was handmade, one-of-a-kind, and personalized.  Are you ready to give crafting a try? Let’s get started.

Use Crafting as a Creative Outlet

Crafting has been around for decades. For a while, it was considered old fashioned and plain because consumers wanted to buy cards and gift wrappers sold in popular stores. But crafting is fast becoming popular again thanks to its therapeutic advantages. Crafting, like other forms of art, is known to relieve stress and anxiety. Like knitting, quilting, or pottery, crafting keeps the hands busy while allowing the mind and emotions to release stress.

Crafting is now one of the recommended activities for people of all ages. It also comes in different forms. Some examples of crafting are scrapbooking, paper-mache, stamping, and many more. There’s no limit to the materials that can be used for a project. Some craftsmen like bows, butterflies, buttons, ribbons, and other pretty knickknacks. The beauty of crafting lies in its limitless possibilities. Even a leaf or seashell that you’ve picked up can become part of something beautiful and meaningful to you.

Add Your Personal Stamp to Gifts

Crafting is also an economical way to create gifts and small tokens for the people you care about.  Now that people have regained interest in handmade and personalized items, you can use your interest in crafting to make special gift cards, wrappers, and paper bags.  For example, using plain brown paper or recycled paper, you can create a unique gift wrapper for a child or adult who loves mermaids. You can paint, draw, or stamp mermaids on the wrapping paper or add stickers and embossed designs to make it even more colorful.  The wrapper can then be used over a box or over the gift item you’ve chosen. The same concept can be applied to a greeting card. You just need to use cardboard paper or a used office folder as the base.

gift box cradled in the cupped hands of a woman

Once you’re comfortable with making your own wrappers and cards, you can move on to the next level. You can hand paint bags, wallets, canvas shoes, and mason jars. There’s also the option to create personalized jewelry and accessories such as charm bracelets, earrings, and necklaces.

Choose the Right Crafting Tools and Supplies

Craftsmen need tools and plenty of little knickknacks to keep their creative juices flowing. There are stores devoted to hobbyists, and they are overflowing with beads, glitters, cutouts, and more. You will also need special scissors to cut patterns or designs on ribbons and fabric, and small pliers to create bracelets and accessories. You can check out online stores offering a wealth of crafting supplies and tools, so you will never run out of materials for your crafts.

Crafting is considered as a stress reliever and a good exercise on creativity. By making your own gifts, you will not only save money in the long run; you’re also giving a unique and handmade gift that will surely be appreciated by the person receiving it.

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