What Does Your Child Learn in Kindergarten?

drawing class in kindergarten

Let’s all be honest here. We all know that schooling is expensive. Even with a focus on providing affordable education and the government giving all the leeway they can for parents with school-aged children, it still seems like such a burden to pay for kindergarten and college down the road. You may think you’ve got years to plan ahead, but if there’s anything you’ve learned from your experience, it’s that life happens quite quickly.

You want to make sure that you are not just wasting money sending your child to a kindergarten in Tootgarook. Know that there are useful skills they learn there:


The most important skill for children to learn in kindergarten is perhaps communicating with their peers. Children do not learn to become world leaders or diplomats in a day. It is not something they have to wait until university to learn, either. To be an effective communicator, they need to learn and practice early on. At the kindergarten level, they are merely learning social cues and the basics of human interaction, but these are the foundations you will want them to have in their adult years.

Not all children are the same. Some of them have no problems talking to their peers, though sometimes they may talk too much and not hold back. Some of them, on the other hand, prefer to be in a quiet environment and will barely say anything. Being around people of different dispositions will help a child gauge how much they should talk and when it’s time to stop.


Children may have silly dreams at this age. One may want to be employed as a panda cuddler while others may be eager to become a pilot. Some aspire to be Australia’s next prime minister while another may feel content being a school bus driver. Their dream job will still change, but one thing is for sure: they need leadership skills to get there.

teacher assisting kid in class

Leadership is a trait they get introduced to on the playground or in group activities at school. Being a spokesperson or team captain teaches them to be responsible for the team’s situation and to handle several people. Even as a member of the team, they learn how to be involved and to understand group dynamics.

Love for Learning

When you were a child, weren’t you amazed by nature? Learning about amazing things such as metamorphosis is like making sense of magic for someone young. As these miracles of nature start to make sense, perhaps they may even make up their mind to become scientists in the future. A fun foundation is definitely not the same as having to memorise scientific names for college, but if they had loved it as a child and they continued to nurture that love, learning more will not feel like a burden.

It is important for children to see that they have so many career options going forward. They will be the leaders of tomorrow, but their dreams start early on. Think about that next time you question whether school costs are worth it.

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