How Much Should You Pay for Chimney Repairs?

man fixing chimney

The cost of professional brick repairs in Connecticut for chimneys may fall within the national average, which costs from $750 to $1,000. Several factors will depend on the actual price such as the cost of labor and complexity of the project. Homeowners may choose to do the work by themselves if they can be sure of their safety while working on their roof. Otherwise, a professional is necessary, especially for extensive repairs. When choosing a contractor, find one that has the appropriate license, bond, and insurance for your property’s safety.

When DIY Is an Option

Cracks in a chimney’s mortar are a common DIY project that can be fixed by repointing or tuckpointing the damaged areas. Loose mortar happens as a result of wear and tear, especially when it’s been exposed to the elements for quite some time. You can use a joint raker to remove the crumbled parts. Be careful not to take off the good parts since mortar serves as the glue that holds your bricks together.

Flush the scraped area with water and wait for 30 minutes before applying a new mixture, which should have the thickness of hard peanut butter or the same color of the existing mortar. Use a tuckpointing tool to smoothen the joints. Depending on the frequency of using your chimney, you may need to repair mortar cracks during spring or summer.

Preventive Measures

man cleaning chimneyKnowing the common causes of brick damage will be important to avoid frequent repairs in the first place. Regular pressure washing will prolong your chimney’s lifespan, while making sure that it doesn’t become constantly exposed to moisture and other harsh elements. You should also check the chimney cap for signs of decay that can affect the brickwork underneath it. Poor foundation work or installation also contributes to damage over time, particularly for sidewalks and patios. That’s why you should attempt to fix the problem only if you are sure of masonry skills.

Cost of Brick Replacement

It’s unlikely that you would pay the same rate for brick replacement on other parts of the house. One reason why it’s better to hire a professional is their knowledge about finding a near-perfect match for replacing bricks. It would cost at least $250 for labor fees to have a professional replace up to 24 bricks in a small area, aside from the cost of materials.

This may be quite expensive, although the end result makes it a worthwhile expense. You simply don’t want a brick patio or stairs that have an obvious difference in brick style or color. Masons should particularly replace bricks for stairs instead of doing it yourself for safety reasons, including uneven pavement that will be a tripping hazard.

While some brick repairs can be DIY projects, professional work is a better choice for those who want to sell their homes. Masonry work can be a great investment that will be noticeable only if it involves skilled labor. Ask for at least three price quotations from different contractors to compare the best prices.

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