Ultimate Basement Remodeling Plans to Consider

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The basement is probably one of the most forgotten areas when it comes to remodeling. Many homeowners don’t want to pour time, effort, or money to remodel it because it is out of sight and out of the way.

However, due to extra home space becoming more important in adding value to properties in Kansas City and other developed cities, basement remodeling is now a practical means to create something grand out of an extra space. The basement has a lot of potential if homeowners have the right ideas on how to utilize their space.

Consider what the members of your family need and want.

  • Do you have a teenager who could use the space for music practice?
  • Does Dad want a man cave for game night or poker session with the boys?
  • Do you need an office for your home or online business?
  • Do the kids need a spacious play area for their toys?

With the right planning, the basement can play whatever part homeowners want it to. Here are some ideas you can try:

Basement as an Entertainment Hub

The basement should not be a place for appliances, furniture, fixtures, toys, clothes, and other items that the family no longer needs. These should not be left to pile up because the space still has a lot of practical use.

Think of installing a flat screen television, surround sound system, and comfortable couches to create a state-of-the-art home theater system. Other things that can be added to achieve these are dark wall colors and curtains. A home theater in the basement is perfect for the whole family as well as for watching ball games with friends.

Fitness Room

Another great idea to lend life to a boring basement is to make it into a fitness room complete with a small gym set and several yoga mats. People with a little extra budget can install a sauna to enjoy its proven health benefits.

It can be easy to create a fitness room in the basement. Add rubber mats for the flooring and install better lights, speakers (for great work out music), and maybe a mirror wall so you get the feel of a real gym even at home.

Kids Play Area

an open basement

Basement remodeling plans should also take into account the fact that kids need space and a room where they can play and get messy. Colorful rubber mats may be used for the flooring of your new play area. Make sure that there is appropriate lighting, bright walls, and secure all sharp corners and hazardous spots.

A jungle gym with a slide, swing, or tepee tents can also be added. A ball pit and some inflatables that can fit in the basement are also great ideas to bring a lot of excitement for the kids. Don’t forget to include storage areas for small toys to encourage kids to clean up after playing in the basement.

These are only some ideas for the basement. Depending on how much space is available, you can design it with several areas by adding dividers. This way, more family members can have room for the things they want.

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