The Challenges of Being a Truck Driver

Man in front of the wheel of a truck

Man in front of the wheel of a truckTrucks are now a part of American culture. They symbolize the rise of industry, and they connect the merchandise from one state to another. You can say that they are the heart of America since they connect businesses through transport services.

There are many challenges to face when you want to be a truck driver. It sounds like you’re just cruising through the Interstate driving a truck with a ton of horsepower, but it is much tougher than that. There are physical and mental demands as local truck-driving placement services attest.

Long Hours without Sleep

Truck drivers will take on transport jobs with a strict deadline. At times, they do not have enough lead time to sleep and proceed to drive right away. The common practice has the drivers having about 10 hours off before they can start another shift, but in real life, a driver has to adjust to the demands of the job.

If a delivery needs to be delivered within 24 hours, that does not give much room for rest or delay, and the company needs to prioritize the fulfillment of the shipment. In some states, some areas have legislation to regulate the number of hours that a truck driver spends on the road, whether it’s a weekly or daily limit. However, in practice, it is not always implemented. Truck drivers need to find their ways to cope.


Truck drivers are well-compensated when you look at the raw numbers. They are paid higher than the median wage, from a starting wage of around US$ 28,000 for student truck drivers to around US$ 64,000 when you get a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License).

Other reports peg the Student truck drivers’ take at $41,000 a year on average, but they also quote that the CDL truck drivers can expect earnings from $66,000 to $72,000 a year on average. The median earnings for this report are $62,752. Despite the variations, the point remains: The wages of a truck driver are higher than the median. This seems like a handsome pay, and for those who enjoy driving, this is a good job.  However, the wages take a new perspective when you examine the risks.


Aside from sleep deprivation, there are also a lot of risks involved in being a truck driver. While a lot of males cherish going on a cross-country drive, they do so under their circumstances, not under the pressure that truck drivers have to go through.

Truck drivers are actually at risk as it was recorded that they account for 12% of work-related deaths in the U.S. This is very high. They attribute that to the fact that traversing the main thoroughfares won’t necessarily give you the best food options.

Truck driver standing next to his truck

The nature of their work gives few opportunities to eat a meal. They do not have the option of taking smaller meals within the day. At times, they have to eat a massive lunch since the next stop is too far away. Then they have to sit and drive.

Sitting for long hours is not healthy, and even office workers are advised to take periodic walks. If the driver is behind schedule, they cannot take a minute off. They can sit for six hours straight, and that takes a toll on the spine, bladder, and kidneys.

The lifestyle of a truck driver is not for everyone. Choosing a job boils down to personal preferences, needs, and opportunities available. Trucking offers excellent compensation, but as in any line of work, you have to work for it.

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