Fear of Mass Shootings, Gun Control, and Censorship

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International and local incidents involving mass shootings and terrorist acts have sparked renewed clamors for gun control. Democratic leaders are urging stricter gun control laws and blaming Republican leaders and voters for any violence they can link them with. Social media sites have banned conservative voices, citing dangerous rhetoric that can bring harm to people.

Cherry Picking and Twisting Facts

Liberals and the media will have you believe that every incidence of mass shootings and terrorism can be linked to President Trump or Right-leaning individuals. The Christchurch shooting in Australia received massive media attention, lasting weeks as the media piled opinions on how Trump’s presidency influenced violence around the world. On the other hand, the Easter bombings in Sri Lanka targeting Christians — barely a day’s worth of coverage. San Diego recently foiled a terrorist attempt by a Leftist Muslim individual who the media portrayed as a disgruntled Army man to make him appear right-leaning. Conservatives are portrayed continuously as violent when there are more violent incidences involving Progressives. The Left continues to heap praises on Antifa even if the FBI and DHS consider them a local terrorist organization.

Stoking Fear of Mass Shootings to Get Rid of Guns

Gun control is on the lips of every Democratic leader whenever there is an incidence of was shooting. Democratic leaders have continually preached about the dangers and evils of owning guns. However, gun control will not end mass shootings. An individual intent on committing an act of violence will usually use an illegal firearm. Eighty-five percent of felons acquired their guns illegally. Even “peace-loving” Antifa was linked to an attempt to start an armed rebellion at the border, with weapons bought from Mexican cartels. Banning guns will only remove legal firearms from law-abiding citizens. A better way to protect yourself from a mass shooting incident is by participating in training programs that help you react to an active shooter or getting firearms training and an open carry license.

Conservatives Are Evil and Must be Silenced

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By blaming almost every act of violence on right-wing groups and Conservatives, Progressives can now call them dangerous and call for their removal in social media platforms. The Left has been advocating to silence Conservatives in college campuses, mainstream media, and even city streets. The latest Conservative purge on social media was meant to remove dangerous content. Even Conservative actor James Woods was banned, while progressive actors who had directly called for doxxing and violence against children remain untouched. Most social media sites lean to the Left, but now they are actively supporting Leftist ideologies and silencing Conservatives. They are no longer a platform for speech and ideas; they are now publishers that choose what content appears on their site.

Any form of violence is a tragedy. However, the Left and their friends in the media will weave a story that blames Conservatives and their ideas as the root cause of violence. The Left is attacking both the 1st Amendment and the 2nd Amendment, and it’s time for Conservatives to take a stand.

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