The Best Technologies That Dentists Use Today

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Thankfully, the advances of today’s technologies have led professionals to do their jobs correctly and easily. For instance, the surgical handpiece for dental use brings convenience to dentists. In the market, you can now find the one with mini LED (light-emitting diode). Get to know the latest technologies in dentistry today.

Surgical Handpiece

The surgical handpiece is an essential instrument that dentists use in conducting these procedures:

  • Osteotomy
  • Sequestrotomy
  • Teeth bond modeling
  • Teeth bone smoothing
  • Apical resection
  • Wisdom tooth removal


Dentists have specialized equipment to determine abnormalities in the patient’s mouth. The VELscope is so amazing that it can help the dentist discover early signs of disease or cancer during oral cancer test.

Digital X-Rays

The device that dentists use to obtain X-ray results is the digital X-ray. It’s distinct from the conservative X-ray machines you see in hospitals, which are used to check the lungs and bones of patients. The digital X-ray emits 90 percent less radiation compared to the typical X-ray machine. So, using it is very safe. This device can provide a professional image on the computer to assess the condition of the patient’s oral health. The result can be obtained in seconds.


If you have tried wearing heavy, metal braces to correct your teeth, you must be familiar with the inconvenience that it brings to the wearer. Today, Invisalign is available in most dental clinics and facilities to straighten your teeth. The good thing about this device is that it brings a more natural feeling to rectify the positioning of your teeth.

Many patients who tried Invisalign are convinced and happy because it doesn’t inhibit them from consuming their desired food. Maintenance is easy, as you can take out the device from your teeth without pain and difficulty.

Laser Dentistry

For a painless dental procedure, patients opt for laser dentistry. The method is almost instant and you won’t feel any pain. The process helps dentists dodge any type of bacteria in the mouth, leaving the patient complication-free. Its improved efficiency includes the following:

  • Tooth sensitivity reduction
  • Filling cavities
  • Removal of tumors
  • Teeth whitening

Dental Implants

woman with new dental implants

When you have a missing tooth, it’s hard to exude a complete smile. Most people with incomplete teeth have lost their self-esteem, affecting their lives to excel and show what they got. Worry no more because today’s dental technology has an amazing solution — a dental implant. It’s a procedure to replace your missing tooth. Dentists use state-of-the-art materials to implant artificial tooth that looks natural to give you a healthy smile again.


Modern dentists are using ozone (O3), a natural gas, to remove tooth decay. O3 effectively eradicates bacteria and fungus in the patient’s mouth. Consult your dentist when you notice any early sign of tooth decay. Early prevention is vital to dodge progressed tooth decay.


This is another instrument that modern dentists use to diagnose cavities, especially if digital X-ray can’t detect it. Your dentist will his best to save your teeth, so he will use the available resources to solve your oral problems.

Kids are typically scared of visiting the dentist. Educate them that with the latest technologies available today, there’s nothing to be worried about. Consult a reliable dentist near you to protect you and your child’s teeth.

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