How You Can Start Your Juicing Journey

fresh squeezed orange juice

People reach for sodas when they need to cool down or feel the need for something sweet. But these drinks are full of chemicals and loaded with too many sugars. They are health risks that people keep on chugging. There are healthy alternatives out there, some of them you can make your own. Juices and smoothies are popular choices for those who want a natural and nutritious drink. Here are some things that you need to know if you want to start on your all-natural journey:

The Difference Between Juices and Smoothies

Though they seem similar, juices and smoothies have a fundamental difference. Juices don’t have pulp. This is what a juicer does as it squeezes the juice from the pulp. Smoothies are different because they include everything, pulp and all. People use a commercial bar blender to render everything into a semi-solid mix that is good for drinking.

Some people swear by juices, focusing on how easy it is to drink with fewer calories. Others think that smoothies are better because of the nutrients and variety. It comes down to personal preference.

Make a Decision

The differences between juices and smoothies are the reason why you need to decide on what to focus on. You might decide to buy both a blender and a juicer, but that is a bit expensive. Your choice might depend on what exactly you want to drink. If you plan to use high-fiber and harder fruits and vegetables, then blenders are not ideal. For juicers, firm fruits like bananas are avocados won’t work with them.

Have a Shopping List

You can make juices and smoothies a streamlined experience. This is why you need to have the ingredients ready in your fridge. Fruits and vegetables for smoothies need to be fresh, so keep them stocked every few days. Depending on the sort of drinks you like, choose the right ingredients. For example, green smoothies have bananas, avocados, and ice as part of the ingredients.


You should prepare the fruits and vegetables. This means cutting them into manageable pieces, washing away the dirt, and placing the items in containers. This way, you only need to bring out the needed ingredients so that you can start making your juice or smoothie.

Drink Immediately

woman drinking juice after work out

Juices and smoothies are more effective the sooner you consume them. The oxidation process leeches the nutrition from your drinks, so they lose their nutritional value. It is a big no-no to juice everything and store the juice in the fridge. You will only end up drinking the sugar that way. If you have to store it, then put the juice in airtight mason jars.

In the end, juices and smoothies are an excellent way to get the nutrients you need. The tips above can help you have better access to these nutritious drinks. No need to keep drinking those sodas and artificial beverages to get refreshed. You now have everything that you need to start making customized drinks that boost your health.

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