The Best Small Business Marketing Advice for 2019

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There is a wide selection of paid and organic channels that business owners can use to promote their brands and franchises. Focusing on these channels can help your business campaigns. Experts suggest using only the best and most powerful ones.

If you do everything, you end up losing and getting nothing from it. Check and try various channels and campaigns to know what works best. For example, you can use LinkedIn to connect with potential buyers. It is a great platform to publish and promote your content, news, and promotions.

Establish customer relationships via email marketing

Email marketing is one of the leading strategies business franchises rely on to engage their customers. Email marketing is more popular now more than ever. Roughly  85% percent of people want email to be the number one channel where they can be kept in the loop and receive promotions from brands they trust.

It is crucial that you turn site visitors into contacts before you can turn them to paying customers. You have to ensure that you have the right tools and email software so that you can begin marketing your franchise via the direct response route.

There are several email campaigns that you can use:

  • Welcome emails
  • Educational or informative content
  • Discount offers
  • Brand-new products and deals
  • Campaigns that re-engage customers on your list

The right email campaign can enhance brand recall and influence your customers’ buying decisions.

Make your best content known

Do not skimp on your social media campaigns or paid ads. You have to create high-quality content and make it known in your social channels. If you have a limited budget, use it to your advantage by putting out your best content. Create articles, take videos, share photos, and make them fun, catchy, and engaging. Encourage your customers to take selfies while inside your establishment and ask them to tag you. This not only makes your brand more visible online, but it also reinforces your credibility because a real customer has created the post.

Find your voice and establish your brand’s story

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Always tell a unique brand story if you must. As you create content, make sure that you build it for your target audience. Find your own brand content voice and use it to represent your brand. Choose whether you want your brand persona to become formal or informal. Would you like it to be useful or witty? A consistent voice can help establish a connection with your audience, and this will resonate with your audience.

Some additional content creation guidelines for your brand:

  • Know your audience and focus your content around them.
  • Make your content entertaining and informative always.
  • Follow and examine leading industry trends and build your content from there.
  • Leverage the use of videos

The future of marketing is video. Majority of businesses nowadays rely on visuals as part of their marketing efforts. This can be a big challenge for content marketers as creating outstanding and engaging videos can be challenging. With the algorithms changing every single time, you must devise content in such a way that it is far-reaching and engaging. One trick is to create short clips or go live on Facebook during events and launches. This will minimize expenses on video production and also give your audiences something to look forward to.

Google My Business enables you to add detailed information regarding your business, you can add your website URL, address, location, contact numbers, photos, and more. The customers will then be allowed to leave you a review. It is important that you interact with people and address their concerns.

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