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Teeth straightening is no longer just a rite of passage of ugly duckling adolescents in teen movies. It is also something that many adults are having done without having to star in their own movie about it. Quite the opposite in fact, teeth straightening for adults is a quick and stealthy affair, and the fewer people that know about it, the better. That’s why in Watford, braces come in all shapes and designs.

More and more adults are deciding to have braces in Watford because the physical, emotional and social benefits of having well-aligned teeth make the treatment worth the effort and investment. Good dentists, such as Cassiobury Dental, offer a range of braces to suit every alignment issue, lifestyle requirement and budget.

Teeth straightening for adults

Wonky teeth create all sorts of problems. People may think that because their teeth were not misaligned enough to qualify them for teenage NHS treatment, they don’t need to worry about getting them straightened. This is not the case. Most kids with wonky teeth don’t qualify for NHS treatment because the funding pot for treatment isn’t very large, and so only the most severe cases qualify.

Hence, there are lots of adults with mildly misaligned teeth now seeking braces in Watford, but there are a couple of important stipulations that most of them have.

Firstly, they want their treatment to be quick. Traditional braces for adolescents can take up to three years to do their work. Adults don’t have time for that, or parents to make them submit. They want straight teeth now. And depending on the issue, they can have their teeth aligned in as little as six weeks, but more often, somewhere between six months and a year.

Their other requirement is not to look like an awkward teenager while they undergo treatment. Braces have this stigma. Is it because it’s always the nerdy one in the teen movie who has braces on? Braces companies have worked to produce braces that are either discreet, hidden or pretty much invisible, and so there is no danger of losing one’s dignity. The best way to find out about each braces system is to book a consultation with a good dentist.

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