What is a Treatment Co-ordinator?

a dentist explaining denta results with a patient

Signing up to a new dental practice means getting a service from a whole team of people. This might include a receptionist, other members of an administration team and a hygienist as well as the dentist in Stockport.

Sometimes, a dentist in Stockport, like Unidental, might have a treatment co-ordinator as well. The role of the treatment co-ordinator is a little different and therefore worth exploring.

Why is a treatment co-ordinator important?

A treatment co-ordinator means that there is one person for a patient to liaise with when accessing all the available services from their dentist in Stockport. Right from the start, a treatment co-ordinator helps their patient interact with the dentist. An initial consultation leads to a unique treatment plan and recommendations.

A treatment co-ordinator helps patients weigh up their options and consider how different factors interact with each other such as budget, time constraints and personal needs.

Treatment goals

Dentistry consists of more than routine work these days. While regular check-ups, cleaning and polishing still form the important backbone to a patient’s dental service, there is much more available. A treatment co-ordinator can explain the options to patients in a way that is clear and succinct. This prevents them feeling daunted or not taking advantage of treatments that will benefit them.

A treatment goal might be as simple as wanting healthy teeth. However, a patient might also choose to aim for teeth that sparkle, restoration of their smile or a long-term straightening treatment. The treatment co-ordinator helps patients meet their goals.


Feedback is an important part of the treatment process. It ensures that the dentist continues to meet the needs of their patients. The treatment co-ordinator ensures that someone feels comfortable providing any kind of feedback. They also follow up to see that any issues are resolved to the patient’s satisfaction.

Where does the dentist come in?

The treatment co-ordinator ensures that the dentist has all the information they need to work with a new patient. The dentist performs the required work and makes any further recommendations and offers advice. The treatment co-ordinator ensures that all of this is understood and any follow up appointments are made in a way that integrates well with a patient’s life.

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