Real Talk: Is Asbestos Always a Danger?


AsbestosA commonly held belief involving asbestos is that relatively newer structures, particularly those built after 1980, no longer contain this material. Contrary to this popular opinion, buildings, including homes, may still have asbestos-containing materials.

Busting the myth about asbestos banning

Although banning of the use of this potentially toxic component took place several decades ago, the rule only applied to several types of building products. The thing is, the regulations surrounding its use don’t state anything about homes built after 1980 not containing asbestos.

Gauging the dangers of asbestos

One of the primary reasons builders used asbestos prior to its banning had something to do with its extreme durability and impressive fire-resistance properties. It’s so strong that many materials installed in buildings nearly 40 years ago remain intact. However, like all other construction products, it still degrades over time, and this is the point it becomes a serious health risk.

In great condition, asbestos-containing materials don’t pose imminent dangers. Once cracked, split, or even slightly damaged, however, these will start releasing tiny particles. When inhaled, the lungs trap them – for long periods. They may cause mesothelioma, asbestosis, or lung cancer.

Eliminating the risks of asbestos exposure

Even newer buildings can contain products that feature asbestos, despite the builders saying they don’t. This makes conducting a comprehensive test necessary.

In Salt Lake City, testing for asbestos is the only way to determine whether it’s present or not. Prior to renovating or remodeling your home, contact a reliable facility, regardless of the year you had your house constructed.

Be sure that nobody in your household will be exposed to the potentially life-threatening dangers this product poses. Whether you’re buying a house or planning to build one, know the materials that may contain asbestos and ask your builders if you have to use them.

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