Professional Cleaning: Keep These Business Areas Clean at All Times


Woman holding a broomIt’s easy enough to keep your office tidy and presentable. It’s a matter of creating a culture of cleanliness. Follow these suggestions and you can avoid heavy cleanup days for a long time.

  • Your employees should avoid using their desks and cubicles for eating.
  • A proper trash receptacle at every desk should be emptied every day.
  • Employees who use the break room should clean after themselves. Enforce some form of penalty for anyone who leaves a dirty plate or coffee mug.
  • Every employee is responsible for their workstation, so a clean-as-you-go attitude is helpful.
  • Question an employee with a desk covered under stacks of documents, as this may be a sign the employee needs help with their workload or is not being efficient.

These suggestions work well in an office setup, but not every business runs in an office, or has only the office to worry about. In Salt Lake City, a janitorial company is a reliable option for professional cleaning, particularly in these areas where cleanliness is crucial. Forte Commercial Cleaning Utah identifies these areas.


You cannot expect employees to clean the men’s or the ladies’ room. The problem is, there are people who are simply sloppy or are hopeless slobs in the toilet. You may be able to limit the mess with employees, but if the toilet is used by customers, regular and professional cleaning is even more important.

Shower and changing rooms

If you operate a spa, a pool, or a gym, expect a messy shower and changing room. Some people will also drag the mess out to the locker area. You need janitors to be present at all times to keep these areas clean and safe for customers.

Pool area

Another area that is not easy to keep tidy is the pool area. Aside from the pool itself needing some treatment and proper cleaning now and then, the area surrounding it also needs some care. The material you used for building the area can keep it safe to a certain degree, but it will always be wet when people are around, so cleaning is important to make sure it’s safe and the dirt away from the pool stays away from the pool.

One reason you need professionals to handle these areas is because the lack of professional cleaning can cause the spread of disease-causing bacteria or viruses. You need a reputable janitorial service to keep your business away from such risks.

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