Only for the Dependable: Invisalign in Sydney CBD

teenage woman ready for her dental check up

Teenagers. Not known as being the most responsible group of human beings on the planet. Marking the transition between being a child and a grown up, adolescence can be a confusing and exhilarating time. There’s rushing hormones, exams and fluctuating social status to contend with, as well as gradually taking on the lessons and responsibilities of adulthood. Add braces into the mix and it’s no wonder that teens are reluctant teeth straightening patients.

 Back in the 80s and 90s, braces for teenagers weren’t subtle. The fixed, metal brackets and wires inspired many a taunt of ‘brace face’ in the school playground. And while many teens still need this type of teeth straightening appliance to realign their jaws, for those who need mild to moderate corrections of the teeth, there is another option: Invisalign in Sydney CBD. Dental practices in the city, such as Spa Dental Sydney CBD, are fitting youngsters for these discreet, removable braces, providing they are up to taking on the responsibility of this unique treatment.

With traditional braces, the dentist does most of the work: the brackets and wires are glued to the teeth, then adjusted every few weeks to keep treatment on track. The patient has to keep them clean, but otherwise treatment is out of their hands. With Invisalign in Sydney CBD, the ball is very much in the patient’s court. The dentist takes a digital scan of the patient’s mouth, which is used to create a 3D treatment plan. This is sent to the Invisalign technicians in the US, who then create a series of clear, plastic aligners, custom-made for each patient.

The rest is up to the patient. It is their responsibility to wear each pair of aligners for 7-10 days, changing them once the feeling of pressure has worn off. They must also remove them for eating and drinking, while also wearing them for at least 20 hours a day and remember to put them back in after cleaning.

If, in amongst all the other challenges of their life, a teen can take this treatment on, they can have straighter teeth without the social embarrassment.

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