Taking Teeth to the Next Level

dentist giving the female patient her dental treatment

Everyone knows how important it is to visit the dentist. It’s impressed on us from an early age to brush our teeth twice a day and keep sugary snacks to a minimum. The message doesn’t sink in with everyone. Many people don’t pay the regular twice-yearly visits to the dentist’s chair for dental treatment in Mackay. Some for financial reasons, some because of fear, others due to time pressures.

However, for those that do and want to take their dental treatment in Mackay to the next level, there are a range of cosmetic procedures available to brighten, straighten and lift up the smile. Practices in the area such as Walkerston Dental in Walkerston GP Superclinic, offer a range of services, including ones that improve the look of the smile as well as its health.

An important first step before having cosmetic dental treatment in Mackay is to get a clean bill of health from a general dental appointment. If the teeth and gums aren’t in good condition, cosmetic treatments aren’t going to help or, in some cases, may not even work. After a general dentist has given the okay, the cosmetic dentist can do their work.

There are a huge variety of aesthetic treatments on offer these days:

  • teeth straightening with cosmetic braces
  • teeth whitening to lift off surface stains
  • veneers to cover up chips, cracks, gaps and deeper set stains
  • gum contouring to take off excessive gum tissue
  • white fillings to restore the natural appearance of the smile.

Some dentists will combine two or more treatments into a smile makeover. They look at the teeth, gums and mouth as a whole, and then create a treatment plan to transform the overall appearance, in a way that’s consistent with the patient’s skin, age and existing teeth. It’s important to get this overview at the start, as some cosmetic procedures need to be done before others. Veneers, for example, must be fitted after teeth whitening. The veneer can’t be whitened, so must blend in with the shade of the natural teeth around it.

Some surgeries also offer facial aesthetics, which are non-surgical treatments for the facial skin. This includes procedures such as Botox and dermal fillers.

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