New or Used: An Auto Lift Purchase


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You may be an automotive enthusiast, a car collector, or a professional mechanic. No matter who you are, you can use lifts like challenger auto lifts for your vehicles. Auto lifts are popular equipment in auto shops, but surprisingly in the home as well.

Home Benefits

When you have an auto shop of your own, you need auto lifts to offer great services to your customers. You can also use auto lifts at home, especially if you want easier access to all parts of your vehicle. Using auto lifts is also safer than using an auto jack. At the same time, an auto lift grants you the power to do maintenance and repair to your vehicle if you are up to it. Finally, you can use an auto lift to create extra storage under your raised vehicle.

New vs. Used

Now, when you are thinking about purchasing a car lift, you may think that perhaps it may be better to buy used than new. There are several disadvantages to this, however. First, used lifts lack warranties from manufacturers. You also have the mystery of how heavily a used lift was used in the past.

Missing Parts

With regards to the insides of a used lift, parts will likely be missing from used lifts because of the need for lifts to be removed and relocated during the sale. Due to this, JMC Equipment and other experts say that you may need replacement parts, which will cost quite a significant amount of money.

Labor Costs

New lifts are easier to install and you will pay less for installation labor. With used lifts, you have to pay extra for the labor of dismantling the lift and transferring it to your home. With these, you are way better off with a new auto lift.

An auto lift is a great investment if you want extra space, accessibility, and power for DIY repair. You can choose to buy new over used since new auto lifts are clearly more advantageous than used lifts.

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