What You Need to Know About Modifications and Appeals


Child SupportChild support guidelines in Colorado are based on the monthly gross income of both parents before any other deduction, including taxes. The guidelines indicate the amount for one child or children in line with the combined monthly income, as well as the period the child gets to spend with each parent. Additionally, these consider the contribution of each parent towards expenses, like schooling and medical insurance.

The guidelines cover a combined income of $30,000. If the combined income is above this amount, the court determines the payments based on the child’s needs. Therefore, you need the services of family law attorneys to file your modification and appeal case appropriately. As MatthewsFamilyLawyers.com states, “…the court may grant your request if you meet specific conditions.”

Situations that Call for Modification of Child Custody

Unlike division of marital property, you have a chance to modify child support and custody orders. You can file a modification case when the other parent has violated a court order, or when you experience a change in circumstances. These circumstances may include:

  • Changes in your income, especially if it becomes difficult to meet your payments
  • Changes in the childcare cost necessitating an increased contribution for both parents
  • Changes in the child’s needs upon growth
Things that Do Not Qualify for a Modification

As much as the change of circumstances makes filing for modification a necessity, there are things that do not qualify for such a case. This includes increased expenses from a new house or a new car.

As the children grow, what is in their best interest changes. At times, keeping up with these needs can be difficult due to the constraints of life. Therefore, it is important to talk to a family attorney to establish the best way of filing for a modification.

Learn the resolutions for modifications and appeals when it comes to child custody. Make sure your lawyer is experienced in handling such cases.

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