Migrating in the United Kingdom and Coping with Homesickness


Migration Migrating to the United Kingdom, whether to study, work, or settle down, can present itself as a challenge, even for the most well-adjusted Aussie adult. Citing data from the UK Office of National Statistics, The Guardian reported in 2012 that some 250,000 people migrate to the UK in a year alone, with 5.2 percent of that number coming from the land down under.

According to a clinical psychologist and University of Alabama associate professor Josh Klapow, feelings of homesickness doesn’t necessarily come from the distance between family members or loved ones; it’s due to a person’s innate need for “love, protection and security.”

So how does one manage to get by without these variables while you’re miles away from home?

The Connection is Real

One way to keep the blues away is to connect immediately with loved ones upon arriving in the United Kingdom. According to UK Prepaid SIM Card, grab a UK SIM before you take off, or buy one at the airport to keep in touch. In case you have not bought a phone plan just yet, you can use the sim card to subscribe to a data plan and get connected to the internet and make VOIP (voice over internet phone) calls, or keep family and friends posted via social media.

And Not Real

You can also do the exact opposite and simply disconnect from online communities to avoid FOMO (fear of missing out), and completely immerse yourself in UK living and culture. Seeing what your loved ones are up to (read: living their life without you), can make your feelings of homesickness worse, so get off the couch and explore your surroundings. Go to the local pub or cafe to enjoy some food or create a new habit. This will help you keep your mind off your loneliness, while allowing yourself to discover new things and possibilities at your new home.

It’s true: There’s no place like home. But with the above tips, you can slowly adapt to your new environment, and make the most of it.

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