Like a True Survivor: Why You Need a 72-Hour Emergency Kit

Emergency Food Kit

Emergency Food KitOne of the many challenges when facing a major natural disaster is dealing with the days following it. The outcome is, more often than not, determined by how much you prepared. One of the ways to make sure you have things under controlled is by having an emergency food kit.

What is an Emergency Food Kit?

According to, emergency food kits are typically food items that people can eat without having to use cooking utensils. Each kit usually comes in more than ten servings, depending on how many persons would be sharing it. Depending on which brand you go for, you might have food kits that have a shelf life of more than 20 years or so.

Importance of A Food Kit

Not many people realize it, but during a natural disaster, two of the first things to go would be the electricity and communication lines. The former is typically shut off to make sure no one gets electrocuted, while the latter is just a “casualty” of the disaster. Of course, you can also expect buildings to sustain damage, which would mean that stores and restaurants would most probably be closed. With no electricity, very minimal water, and unstable communication lines, getting food and being able to warm your body might prove to be very challenging.

You might wonder why you need food kits when you can stockpile canned goods and other items on your own. One of the disadvantages of doing this is that they do not last very long, particularly with the absence of a refrigerator to keep them cool. With a food kit, you need not worry about your food getting wasted as each kit has a very long shelf life. This means you can have it stored as long as needed.

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