Lab Management Software for Automated Lab Functions


Lab Management SoftwareMost people consider acquiring web-based lab management software over on-site information management software to support laboratory operations. Unlike a LIMS, which you acquire on a lump sum purchase, web-hosted laboratory management is basically software on the client device and whose subscription is on a monthly basis.

The benefits of Web-Hosted LIMS

Lower Costs

A subscription hosted LIMS is cheaper than a direct purchase LIMS, yet you get high-end applications that deploy more precisely and quickly. The annual maintenance costs of an on-site LIMS are higher than the annual costs of hosting the web-hosting LIMS. Enjoy the same benefits of a LIMS at cheaper costs.

Leverages Different Technologies

To minimize approval process, deployment time, and staff involvement, web hosted LIMS use SaaS to leverage cloud computing and web technologies. This web architecture eliminates problems such as unpredictable cost spikes, and upgrade nightmares which are common with traditional on-site LIMS.

Why SaaS?

Despite the exponential costs, companies have to build and maintain their IT structures. With SaaS, all a company needs is an internet connection to subscribe to built -in services based on shared infrastructure.


SaaS applications are available from various devices anytime and anywhere. This enables many people to access the applications with ease. Besides that, SaaS apps have a lower learning curve due to the ease of use.

Painless Upgrades

The SaaS provider manages all upgrades. This implies that there are no patches for customers to acquire, and no need to add software, bandwidth, or hardware as the user base grows.

Easy Integration

With a single version of SaaS, the developers can support as many customers and also customize to meet specific needs. This approach, known as multi-tenancy enables companies to scale faster without additional staff hiring or infrastructure costs. In addition, SaaS easily integrates with existing systems for increased efficiency.

Track the life cycle in your laboratory with management of lab samples, users and documents, and automated data transcription, and lab operations with laboratory management software like LABWORKS. Enjoy the numerous benefits of laboratory data management system and grow your business today.

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