The Key to Longer Lasting Teeth

Dentist putting on clear braces for patient

Given the choice, hanging onto one’s teeth for the whole of one’s life is far more preferable to having to replace them with dental implants, dentures or bridges. But is it really possible to have teeth for life? These days, the answer is yes, it is. There’s one thing in particular that causes teeth to fall out and that thing is plaque. One of the best ways to keep plaque at bay, in addition to good dental hygiene, is to have teeth that line up well along the jaw, which is why in Liverpool, braces are big business.

Adults in braces in Liverpool – there may not seem to be so many around, but one reason for that is that 21st century braces are nothing like the lumps of ironmongery often associated with the braces teenagers wear. Traditional heavy-duty train track braces are built to shift not only the teeth, but to realign the bite as well, and so more force is required. Adult braces in Liverpool, available from good dental practices such as Liverpool Smile Studio, are much smaller in dimension, and often don’t even use metal, or the metal has been coated to make it tooth-coloured.

Options to explore

Braces in Liverpool such as Cfast and Six Month Smiles use the tried and trusted bracket and wire system that has been around for decades. The direction in which the teeth are moved is determined by the angle at which the brackets are cemented on to the teeth, and the pull is created by tightening the wire through the brackets. Treatment can take as little as 20 weeks. Six Month Smiles features clear ceramic brackets and both systems only use one wire, giving braces that grace the teeth rather than dominating them.

Invisalign uses clear plastic aligner trays, like very thin mouth guards. A series of incrementally different trays, each one slightly mis-fitting, nudge the teeth gently into position in an average treatment time of about a year. Invisalign is almost invisible when the aligners are in place, and they can be removed for eating and cleaning.

With straighter teeth, patients find they are far less vulnerable to decay and gum disease, and far more confident in their daily lives.

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