Types of patients who look for orthodontics in Weybridge

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Orthodontics in Weybridge are dental treatments that focuses on the realignment of the smile. ‘Ortho-‘ is a prefix that means ‘straight’ and ‘odont’ means ‘tooth’.

Having orthodontics in Weybridge at a practice, like Weybridge Orthodontics, means having teeth pushed or pulled back into alignment. The whole treatment process may also include the rotation of teeth or some extractions to correct overcrowding.

There are many different types of patients who are suitable for orthodontics. A dentist makes an assessment and then provides treatment recommendations to their patient. This is also when they would provide a breakdown of costs and details about how many future appointments will be required and when.


Orthodontic treatments are now more popular with adults than ever before. This is because there are plenty of methods that focus on the cosmetic improvement of teeth that generally takes less time and look better during treatment than traditional orthodontics.

Adults can still experience issues with their teeth outside of cosmetic concerns. A misaligned bite can cause uneven wear and tear on the teeth as well as pain in the jaw, neck or even back. All of this can potentially be addressed with orthodontics.


Typically, a dentist will begin to assess whether a child needs orthodontics when they are around 12. This is when a lot of the baby teeth have fallen out and adult teeth will have taken their place. Getting children’s teeth straightened at this age is an investment in the future of their smile. Well-aligned teeth are generally healthier and they look great. Some children may be eligible to have their orthodontic treatment funded by the NHS.

Nervous patients

Orthodontic treatment should be available to anyone who wants it. This includes nervous patients. If a patient is feeling apprehensive about dental treatment but is still keen to have a beautiful smile, they should check with their dentist about methods that might make them more comfortable. Many orthodontic treatments require no drilling or invasive procedures.

Even if anything like this is required, there are often sedation options that patients can consider. Many of these leave people feeling relaxed and calm during their dental treatment and can lead to a more optimistic outlook about future dental appointments.

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