Keeping Tile Floors and Grout Lines Immaculate

Person cleaning the tile with a brush

The captivating ceramic tiles in the kitchen and bathrooms can blow you away, especially when you see them for the first time. Keeping them clean, therefore, is important if you want to preserve the overall beauty of these tiles.

The Nature of Grout Between the Tiles

When you white tiles paired with white grout, you’ll get a look that is both timeless and classy. The combination is affordable, as well. It’s no surprise to see the pairing in residential and commercial establishments.

Unfortunately, the white on white look may not last long if you fail to take care of it. If you are a homeowner who has white tiles and white grout gleaming in the kitchen and bathrooms, you need to keep them clean.

This is true, especially for grout. This part of the floor is porous. It fills the space between the tiles perfectly. Because of its porosity, dirt will adhere to it quite easily. On top of that, dirt particles could enter and make grout their new home.

How You Make the Grout Dirty

Moldy bathroom tileSome homeowners are unaware that their cleaning methods can actually make their grout dirtier. In their effort to clean the tiles, they only make the dirt settle more deeply between the lines. The material discolors rather easily, which they cannot attribute to spills.

How does grout lose its pristine color? The answer lies in the mop water. If you mop the floor regularly with dirty water, you’re doing more harm than good to your grout lines. Dirty mop water is teeming with particulates that settle on the lines. If you finish cleaning, you will see a kitchen floor that looks even dirtier than before, despite your best efforts to clean them.

Regular and Proper Cleaning is Key

If you want the grout between the tiles to look like new all the time, you need to schedule regular cleaning with one of the reliable and professional grout cleaning companies in your area. This way, you won’t have to go down on your knees and scrub for as long as it takes to restore the white lines.

When it comes to the frequency of the grout cleaning, a bi-weekly deep clean should be adequate. The bathroom tiles would need extra care given the tendency of bath oils and soap residue to cling to the lines. The said cleaning routine can also serve as preventive care. If you remember to keep the grout lines clean, it will stay clean.

Apart from getting your grout cleaned every two weeks, you can maintain its overall clean appearance through sealing. You can apply a liquid sealer to the entire floor surface. As an alternative, you can use white-tinted paint-on sealers to make the grout lines look brand new again.

Remember that grout sealing takes time to set up, apply, cure, and dry. When the drying process is completed, however, you’ll know that the process is worth it.

High traffic areas of the floor would collect the most dirt and grime. With the grout-sealing method, however, you can preserve the beauty of your grout and keep it clean for years to come.

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