Five Basic Facts You Need to Know About Blow-in Insulation

blow-in insulation

There are several reasons homeowners decide to insulate their homes. But most of them want to reduce their energy expenditure every month to increase their savings. No matter what your reason may be, choosing the right type of insulation is the key to reducing your expenses allocated for heating and cooling. But how do you know which one works best for your home?

Among the most popular options for your Kansas City home is the blow-in insulation. This uses fiberglass to insulate the walls of your house effectively. But what makes it different from other types of insulation?

Saves Energy

Blow-in insulation is much more airtight compared to standard insulation. Since regular insulation uses rolled batting, it is unable to get inside the smaller crevices of your attic.

Meanwhile, blow-in insulation uses a smaller material that can get into the tiny cracks where air leaks through. This material can quickly fill in around the pipes and beams of your house as well as other uniquely shaped areas and spaces. Since it is able to seal your entire home tightly, it helps you save more energy and even prevents mold and odor from getting into your home.

Perfect for People With Allergy

Loose-fill fiberglass insulation uses natural fiberglass to insulate. It means that there are no harmful chemicals or additives that could cause a person to have allergy attacks. With this, homeowners no longer need to worry about any allergy attacks caused by the insulation material.

More Affordable

Like most energy-saving materials, blow-in insulation is more expensive compared to other types. However, you can still expect a considerable amount of savings, especially if you see just how much your bill goes down a few months after you install it. You can quickly recover the amount that you have spent to have it over the next four years or even less.

man fixing room insulation with puppy watching

Has Noise Cancellation Design

Because of its airtight seal, noise will not be able to travel through your walls. This type of feature is perfect for those who want to enjoy their night away from all the noise from the outside. Since the insulation also acts as a sound buffer, you will have better chances of sleeping well.

Easy to Install

Installing blow-in insulation is relatively easy. You do not need to get down on your knees for hours just to weatherproof your home. Since the material passes through the house and into the empty space, it creates a seamless thermal blanket to your home. Thus, providing the perfect insulation for your walls. You can finish the entire process in just a fraction of what you usually spend when installing traditional insulation.

If you are living in Kansas City, you know that temperature tends to fluctuate. Having blow-in insulation is an excellent way to keep the warm air inside your home during the cold season and the cool air inside during summer. It is always best to look for a reputable company that can provide you with the right service that you need.

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