Keeping the Family Business Strong: Three Must-Have Marketing Practices

family business

family businessThe words “family business” gives a sense of unity and solid foundations to any company. As this kind of business is often handled by generations after generations of family members, it’s no wonder there are some companies that still adhere to outdated practices – especially when marketing the business.

Upgrading to new practices need not be difficult. As Sydney advertising agencies say, you just need to have the right medium and the right team to ensure your family business stands out from the competition.

Here are a few practices they recommend:

1. Create a compelling website

To come up with a professional looking website, ask for the advice of professional website developers and advertising experts. Remember the goal of your website is to inform and reach the largest number of possible clients. The long-term exposure you can get from your website will provide your family business with enough leverage online.

2. Implement advanced SEO methodologies

The online competition depends on how high you appear on search engine rankings. The higher you are in SERPs, the more likely you’ll get solid traffic from potential clients—this is all thanks to SEO. Work with your agency to develop the appropriate SEO methodology for your business.

3. Integrate social media into your marketing mix

Social media marketing is the easiest way to create an online promotional drive. With millions of people logging into their social media accounts, family businesses have more access to a specific target audience. To maximise your social media reach, start discussions on your page and engage with your followers. Create shareable content that followers can re-post on their social accounts.

Running a family business doesn’t mean you have to stick to traditions, or what the previous generations have been doing. It’s the 21st century—now is the moment to embrace new marketing practices and bring your business to new levels.

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