Keeping Car Keys Safe and Sound When Surfing or Swimming


keeping car key safe
Being locked out of your vehicle can be a frustrating situation. Although you can certainly and immediately call vehicle locksmiths to create a duplicate for you, Sail City Locksmiths says that you may rather have kept your car keys safe in the first place.

Surfers specifically have this problem, as they want to enjoy the waters yet they also want to have a sense of security with their valuables, including their car keys.

Safe with You

When you are a surfer yourself, you can keep your car keys safe in many ways. You can bring it with you as you surf. You can tie a shoelace through the car key and wear the ‘necklace’ around your neck and inside our wetsuit. Alternatively, you can also fasten the key to the string of your wetsuit or board shorts pockets. You can only do these, however, if you have a non-electronic key or spare.

Waterproof It

When you are simply going for a swim, you can come prepared to keep your car keys safe. You can keep your keys inside the pockets of waterproof shorts. You can also purchase waterproof cases for mobile phones where you can store your keys as well.

Unprepared Security

When you have come unprepared on a beach, you can practice a few, albeit unconventional, methods. You can hide your key somewhere under your car where the keys are safe. At the same time, you can leave your personal belongings with residents on the beach. You can also bury your key in the sand and mark the area with your belongings.

The Diaper Solution

Perhaps the most outrageous way to keep your keys safe is to hide your key in a diaper. Of course, you have to use an unused diaper. You can simply wet the diaper, hide your key inside, and leave it somewhere where people will not throw it away.

You can keep your car keys safe with these few methods. Remember, you can also call vehicle locksmiths to help you with lost or stolen car keys.

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