How to Improve the Efficiency of Your Water Heater


ShowerWhether you like a hot shower in the morning or a soothing bath at the end of a tiresome day, nothing helps you feel revitalized than hot water running on your body. Not only does a warm shower help you relax; it also gets rid of most toxins and opens the pores on your skin to release impurities. However, the luxury of a warm shower comes at a price that may impact you financially.

Heating water can use a significant amount of energy, which will raise your electricity bills in your Orem home. Expect to pay even more money if your water heaters are inefficient.

However, you can reduce the inefficiency of your water heater by following these tips:

Insulate your water tank

Insulation is critical for a water heater to retain its efficiency. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when insulating the water heater to boost its performance. Be careful not to block the water inlet during insulation.

Install a heat trap

A heat trap helps impede the flow of unwanted hot water from a water tank while allowing cold water to flow into a water heater. This process stops convection and allows water to stay warm for longer. While heat traps are inexpensive, they might help you save on heating costs significantly.

Reduce the water heater temperature

If you’ve set your water heater to 140 degrees F, reduce it to 120 degrees F, which is just below the medium setting. Just by lowering the temperature by 10 degrees F, you could save anywhere between 3-5% in heating costs.

In addition to these tips, you might consider installing a solar water heater or use an alternative source of energy for heating water. If you don’t have a big budget for this investment, then the tips outlined above will help improve the efficiency of your existing water heater. After all, increased efficiency means more savings.

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