How Free Diving Can Help Boost Your Overall Health

Free Diving

Free Diving in AucklandWhen people think of diving, they immediately imagine using breathing apparatus to help them swim. But did you know there’s a type of diving that doesn’t need belts, oxygen tanks or any scuba gear?

Freediving relies on a person’s ability to hold their breath. As divers are free from bringing an apparatus with them, they move better underwater. The challenge, however, is you have to take sufficient amount of air and sustain it until you come back to the surface.

What are the Benefits of Free Diving?
  • Therapeutic Effects – Studies show that spending considerable time underwater can lower the stress on your joints. The body’s range of motion increases because of the counteractive effects of hydrostatic pressure on normal body pressure.
  • Strengthen the Lungs – Instructors offering free diving lessons in Auckland say that practicing proper breathing and holding breath are good exercises for the lungs. These helps increase oxygen capacity that the lungs can hold at a specific duration.
  • Boost Adrenaline – Adventure seekers are mostly led by the desire to feel the adrenaline rush, and they see diving as a good sport to try. Diving promotes better respiratory and overall exercise, while offering spectacular views of the ocean.
Is Free Diving Too Dangerous for You?

Without proper guidance, supervision and education, small miscalculations while staying or moving deeper into the water can be fatal. It’s best that you get a qualified, knowledgeable and competent diving team to accompany you, especially if you’re still a beginner. Before braving the underwater, you need education and training to understand the necessary techniques, underwater motions, equalizing and breathing techniques properly. Not doing so may lead to death or lung and ear injuries.

Any diving experience is worth the effort and time, but you should take note of your safety before anything else.

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