House of Muscle: Must-Have Equipment for Your Home Gym

fitness gym

fitness gymA home gym is the dream of health and fitness enthusiasts in Salt Lake City and the world over. You do not have to head out, wait for your turn at the bench press, or rush your exercise because the gym is closing or because you just had to squeeze the workout in. With a home gym, you can work out anytime you want and never have to worry about closing times or lack of equipment.

Putting together a home gym in the Crossroads of the West doesn’t have to be so difficult; there is a lot of quality fitness equipment in Salt Lake City, making it easier to get the equipment you need to get started.

Here is a quick introduction to the equipment and items you cannot do without when putting a home gym together:

Elliptical Trainers

Elliptical trainers are a staple for cardiovascular exercises, and having one in your gym will always come in useful. These cross-trainer machines are perfect for warming your body up for exercise or casual stationary jogs on your rest day.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are best if you are looking to strengthen your muscles via strength training. You can better condition your muscles by using these paired with adjustable barbells. Plus, you can easily store them away after use to save space.

Weightlifting Bench

The reality is that you will need something to step on for some of your exercises. A simple bench of the weightlifting variety would do. You can also choose to use one with an adjustable incline, so you can change up the intensity of your routines.

Pull-up Bars

Another item that should be on your list is a pull-up bar. There is always something you can do with a pull-up, like the windshield wiper exercise for your core. Make sure to have one in your gym if you want it complete with the essentials.

Make the most of your home gym by having all the basic equipment needed. You can always add other equipment and tools in the future, just as long as you have covered these essentials already.

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