IT Career Opportunities Are Grand In South Africa


ITWhile the rest of the world may debate over whether South Africa is developed or developing, one thing is for sure about the country, that its IT sector is buoyant. As a matter of fact, per statistics from 2010, IT spending in the region hit the $10 billion mark, and together with the telecommunications sector, it generated approximately $29 billion in revenue.

This means that an Information Technology job in South Africa, explains, is a good and viable option. Career opportunities are booming and making the industry stronger and all indicators point to growth and development.


In the South African IT sector, the concerned companies are all world leaders in manufacturing set-top boxes, pre-payment, fraud prevention systems and revenue management. Plus, the software developers of the nation are recognised throughout the world for being innovators. For their innovation skills, the South African software developers and those in the R&D sector find ample support from the government in the form of tax rebates to work further towards the creation of more jobs.


A parallel industry that is growing in this nation is the telecom sector, including some big names such as Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Dell, Compaq and Novell. The telecom industry in this region has grown at a rapid pace particularly in the last five years. With ample government and industrial support, the country even now boasts of having a well-developed telecom network that only needs innovative and creative products for generating more employment opportunities.

Career opportunity

As a result, a career opportunity in the IT or telecom sector in South Africa appears bright for any young or seasoned aspirant. Additionally, the country is a favourite destination for global corporate looking for business process outsourcing. Some career paths that you can chart in the IT sector here are

-Development of security systems
-Development of automotive electronic systems
-Development of software for banking and financial sectors
-Development of solar cells, integrated circuits and fibre optics

There are even opportunities to take up a profession in the green energy technologies for the making of electronic components. In Tourism, the South African market is growing. This also means careers in this sector are multiplying rapidly.

On the whole, if you are aiming at an IT sector or a telecom industry job in South Africa, know that the perfect time is now.

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