Home Improvement Ideas: Furniture Shopping on a Budget

Furniture Shopping

Furniture ShoppingOne of the most exciting things about being in a place of your own is dressing it up. This becomes even more enjoyable if you have the budget for it. But, what if you do not have the fund to go for high-end brands?

Brenner’s Furniture, one of the top furniture stores in Eugene, Oregon, has the following tips:

1. Stay away from “0% Interest” deals.

Although this might seem like a sweet deal, in most of the cases, the financing cost is already integrated with the payment you would be making. In addition, going after the 0% interest can tempt you into buying more than what you planned for.

2. Take advantage of online furniture stores.

You may not know it, but buying online actually keeps you from wasting time driving around and going from one store to the next. In most cases, online shops allow you to compare prices across all brands. You can also check out several websites and compare how much each of the stores offer for a particular furniture piece — all of these, without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

3. Checkout warehouse sales and other alternatives.

Most brick-and-mortar stores offer warehouse sales at the end of the year. This is to give way to new stocks for the coming year. You can expect as much as 70% off during these sales. An alternative would be to check out estate sales, as these can be likened to a garage sale. Because of the need to immediately dispose furniture pieces, estate sales usually have as much as 80% discount from the original price. One good thing about them is that the pieces tend to be sturdy.

Of course, before you start going from store to store, write down a list of items you are going to purchase and what your budget for each would be. By doing this, you do not run the risk of buying things that you do not need in the first place.

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