Going Organic: It’s More than Just the Health Benefits

business certificate

business certificateFor butchers to be considered certified suppliers of organic meat, they need to comply with the requirements when starting a food business in accordance with the Australian Food Safety Standards. This gives consumers the assurance that what they are buying are safe and prepared according to set standards.

Qualifications to Become an Organic Butcher

Here are some of the basic standards leading organic butchers follow to ensure the quality of their products:

  • Raise animals organically using certified organic pastures
  • Use organic feeds throughout the animal’s lifetime
  • Drugs, growth hormones and antibiotics must not be used
  • Outdoor access throughout the year should be provided

If you are going to buy from these organic farms and ranches, you contribute to both environment and health protection. Organic products such as meat are healthier food choices. Some studies reveal that they have more beneficial nutrients, such as antioxidants, than those that were conventionally grown. Top organic butchers from meatcart.com.au also claim that those who have allergies to certain food items, chemicals or preservatives often find their symptoms lessen or go away when they consume only organic foods.

The Advantages of Buying Organic Meat

Organic meats come from animals that are raised free from drugs or antibiotics. Here are some things consumers can expect from these food products:

  • Protection from diseases. Because these animals are raised as healthily as possible, you get equal health benefits when you consume them. Keep in mind that what you are getting are untainted minerals from the meat.
  • Uphold animal health and welfare. Organic ranches do not treat animals as if they are merely expendable commodities. They do not keep these animals confined in filthy pens. They provide outdoor spaces for these animals to roam freely.
  • Cost-effective use of manure. Even the manure of these organically raised animals are being used – so almost nothing is put to waste. Sometimes, small farms use these manure to raise plants or vegetables organically.

Although organic meat can be a bit on the pricey side, it is still a better food choice, especially for health-conscious families.

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