Getting to Know the Basic Parts of Your HVAC System

a HVAC technician charging a heat pump

Your HVAC system is important in keeping your home cool in the summer and warm during winter. It’s also a system that needs regular maintenance if you want to keep that same performance for a long time. agrees that hiring a professional to repair or maintain your HVAC system is safer and more affordable than trying to do it yourself. But because your HVAC professional doesn’t live with you, it’s your responsibility, as the owner, to know the basic parts of your system and how to keep them safe and clean until the next scheduled maintenance check.


These are the angled slats where the hot or cool air comes out from. You can find them on the ceiling or on the upper part of the walls. The direction of the vents can be manually controlled or even shut to manage the temperature of the room.


Besides the vents, a thermostat is among the most visible parts of your system. You can set it manually to the temperature you like, or program it to adjust the room’s temperature as needed.


This is the largest part of your system that’s responsible for heating cool air and distributing it to the different parts of your home.

Heat Exchanger

This is found in the furnace’s casing and is the one that circulates the heated air through the ducts and out to the vents. It’s activated by the thermostat to switch on when the temperature is low.

Spot check these basic parts whenever you have time to see if dust or dirt has accumulated. Keep in mind that if air passageways are clogged, it can make your system work harder and overheat. Never hesitate to call a professional if something goes wrong.

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