Fun Ways to Transform Your House into a Teen-friendly Home

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For parents, their children are their greatest wealth. This is why we often hear them telling their kids to stop growing so fast. But they can only remain little for so long. The next thing you know, you already have a teenager living in your home.

Teens love hanging out with their friends. Once your child reaches their teenage years, you often find them wanting to stay out more. By turning your home into a teen-friendly space, you can expect them to want to stay home more than their friend’s house. But how?

Give their bedroom a makeover

Now that your child is no longer a baby, it is time to help them refurbish their old bedroom. Make sure that you ask permission from your teen and consider their ideas when renovating. Don’t forget that investing in the right furniture and adequate lighting also matters. To give your teen’s room a modern twist, why not consider a handmade indoor hanging chair? Their room will look a lot cozier, and your teen can enjoy hours on end sitting on a comfy chair where they can just lounge or study.

Consider adding a family room

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In a nutshell, a family room is a secondary living room. But when you have a teen living with you, they may feel awkward hanging out with their friends in the living room with you around. By giving them their personal space, they will feel at ease, knowing that they can have a special place to entertain their guests.

Level up your backyard

Revamping your yard will not only help you improve the look and feel of your home. This will also help you encourage your teen to stay outdoors, enjoy the fresh air, and get their daily dose of vitamin C. Invest in quality but comfy outdoor chairs and tables and place them in a shady part of the yard. You can add a hammock where they can nap, read a book, or even entertain their friends. You can also consider adding a fire pit or an outdoor kitchen plus a pool to give them more reason to enjoy the yard.

Stock up on teen-friendly food

Teens are often hungry. To make sure that your teen and their friends won’t indulge in junk food, stock up on healthy snacks. Keep key ingredients at hand and serve home-made pizza, nachos, fruits, and juices. But don’t deprive them of chips and popcorn. A little bit of these won’t hurt, as long as you also serve healthy meals.

An entertainment room is always a good idea

How often do you hear your teen saying that they are bored as hell? By having an entertainment room, you can ease their boredom and make them want to stay home than go somewhere else. Aside from having a large TV with Netflix, PlayStation, and other games, you can consider your teen’s hobby when decorating the entertainment room. Find ways to soundproof this area so that you don’t have to waste your time telling them to lower it down. Don’t forget to impose rules, as this is not only their private space but a common room for other family members.

These are only a few suggestions that can help make your teen love your home more. The more space you give your teen to do their thing and hang out with friends, the more at ease you feel, knowing that they are safe in the comfort of your home. This will also make them feel more loved, knowing that you’re constantly thinking of their safety and convenience.

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