Accents that Can Completely Change How Your House Feels

Luxurious home interior with large sliding doors

Sometimes, it only takes one perfect accent piece or some strategically designed fixtures placed well across the property to make a difference. They can make your home look lovely and on a whole different level than it was previously. If you’re building a house or thinking of revamping your current place without doing a complete overhaul, here are some little things you can do for that impactful change.


Windows can do a lot to change the ambiance of your home, from the light it brings in to the design that it adds to your interiors and exteriors. Of course, it also has its practical uses with ventilation and temperature control. Having your windows cater to a specific vision you have while providing great functionality takes calling a reliable window contractor in Rapid City or other nearby areas.

The way you set up your window not only determines how much natural light you can bring into your home but also creates visual interest and dynamic space within your walls. It can make your place feel like any aesthetic you want, whether you want something bohemian, minimalist, or industrial. With some resources and proper contracting, you can get a design and positioning you like while achieving durable and weatherproof installations.


Mirrors can stand out in a room when you pick a design that makes it more of an art piece that blends into your design while working as a conversational fixture. With specific placement, you can also use it to manipulate the perception of your space, making it wider or more dimensional visually.

These fixtures have the particular advantage of having reflection as another dimension. It is quite flexible, too, if you find the right piece. You can incorporate it with other wall art and installations or make it a focal point for your room and furniture set-up. Whether you go with a large ornate frame with accents or go for a sleek variation that almost looks one with the wall, mirrors can completely alter an otherwise plain room.


Room lighting

This element is perhaps one of the most important installations to think about when setting the mood you want to create for each room. You can choose to stick to lamps, ceiling lights, strips that line your walls, or fixtures that are more intricate and stand alone as a decorative piece. Your selection can bring the whole room together and affect how other items can stand out or be perceived.

Any other design choices you make can completely be altered based on how they complement your lighting. From the actual fixture you use to the hues and brightness of your bulbs, it not only determines the way your space is perceived but can also affect the mood of people who stay in the area. If the lighting is too harsh, people can feel tense and anxious. If it’s too dark, it can feel gloomy and uninviting. But nicely dimmed areas can be relaxing while properly lit rooms can encourage positive energy.

By taking some care in these home changes, not only can you accentuate the rooms, but you can also breathe new life into your abode.

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