Different Fun and Funny Things That Folks are Doing at Home While in Lockdown


Have you ever wondered how some folks are dealing with the current global pandemic?

What would keep a structural engineer from New Queensland, Australia occupied at this time? How about a plumbing contractorfrom Murray, Utah? What would he be doing at this time if he’s not working on plumbing and sewage layouts?

A lot of folks have turned to humorous creativity or creative humor — whichever you prefer — to keep themselves from going insane. Needless to say, folks around the world are making the most out of this lockdown period and inject a little bit of fun and laughter to cope with the situation.

8 Creative Ways People Are Dealing with the Coronavirus Pandemic to Maintain Their Sanity

1. Balcony Bingo

The residents of a housing complex in Dublin played bingo from their balconies to pass the time while still practicing social distancing.

Michael Larkin, the brains behind this scheme, gave cards out to the residents all geared up in a protective suit and called out the numbers through the community PA system.

The prizes? Easter egg packages and toilet paper.

2. Rooftop Exercises

In Seville, Spain, a fitness instructor went up to his complex’s rooftop and led the residents of neighboring apartment blocks in exercise.

He used the PA system to play upbeat music while residents went out to their balconies to join the trainer for a dance workout every morning for two weeks.

3. Not That Kind of Pet

In Spain, residents are allowed to take their pets out for a walk for a few minutes. Most of them take advantage of this window to step out of the house and get a breath of fresh air.

One day, policemen were astounded to see a tyrannosaurus rex roaming the streetsof Murcia. A man, dressed in a fully inflatable dinosaur suit, decided to go for a stroll. The police reminded the residents that while walking their pets are allowed, dinosaurs don’t count.

4. Hairstyling Fun on the Loved One

Out of extreme boredom, one hairstyler decided to play around and experiment with her boyfriend’s long locks.

The result? A different hairstyle for each day they spent in quarantine. At the time of its posting on Reddit, they already had Princess Leia from Star Wars, late singer Amy Winehouse, a ‘90s prom hairstyle, The Grinch’s Cindy Lou Who, and George Washington.

5. Toilet Humor

Another Reddit user, PeteyPinguin, posted pics of what his mom did over the past week. She shot a series of pictures of their toilet bowl dressed up as different personalities using a couple of rolls of toilet paper and a few items lying around the house. The results are quite funny.

6. Egg Pan Art


One Twitter user decided to be more artistic and creative in the kitchen. He used a black flat pan as his canvas and eggs as his medium. It’s quite impressive actually.

7. Vitamin C-Section

Facebook user, Tara Gray-Buggage, decided to perform a C-section operationon a piece of orange. The delivery went well. All of the baby slices are safe and sound.

8. Post-It Fun

A family got Post-It crazy during the lockdown and decided to dress up their windows in different patterns and messages to their neighbors with the different colored sticky notes.

The picture on the postshows the message “Keep Calm” amid the Pac-Man theme.

Despite these trying times, people are doing their best to face this pandemic with little laughter. Laughter is, after all, the best medicine and is good for the soul.


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