3 Things to Do to Keep Busy at Home

woman staying at home

Picture this: you’re on your couch or in bed, thinking of the next best thing to do. You’ve done all the chores for the day—the house is squeaky clean. There’s also no work to think about. What can you do? Whether it’s choosing to be a home buddy during the weekend or it’s quarantine, staying at home sounds like heaven, but boredom can bite you easily.

According to studies, keeping busy is beneficial to the brain. It helps increase productivity by keeping the mind and body active. As a result, people are pumped because of “the flow.” Busy people are also more likely to have a routine, increasing organization and the ability to stick to a schedule. When the mind is constantly stimulated, it promotes mental alertness and prevents the development of dementia.

How can you not run out of things to do at home? Here are a few tips:

1. Stack up on books

Reading is fundamental. It enhances the imagination by allowing the reader to build a world in their heads. Without noticing it, the reader interprets the events of the story with every turning page. This is beneficial to the cognitive process and critical thinking skills. It can also improve memory and focus, helps you write better, and encourages you to discover new words.

2. Catch up on your list of films and series to watch

Some people prefer movies over reading books, which makes sense because 65% of people are visual learners. By seeing the events of the story unfold right in front of their eyes, visual learners pick up the themes and appreciate storytelling and craft better through a screen. Nowadays, films are essential to social understanding as they receive more critique concerning issues of class, gender, etc. For example, Parasite (2019) tackled social class and the disparity between the rich and the poor. It’s very in-your-face about it, too. It sparked a conversation about the privileged staying in their bubble, inconsiderate of the working class. As a result, films have become more influential in shaping the minds of their audience by conveying central themes.

3. Pick up a new hobby

woman cooking in the kitchen

Crochet, sewing, puzzles, filmmaking, writing, photography. Whatever it is, you can spend this time off-the-grid to learn a new skill. There are endless YouTube tutorial videos that can teach you the basics and listicles on Google that can guide you step-by-step. As you overcome the challenges of moving to the next difficulty, setting a goal enhances your focus and determination. It could be the most effective way to keep yourself busy as it motivates you to keep going until you get the hang of this new hobby.

Stay safe at home.

This statement has been popular all over the world lately, with the latest pandemic hitting even the most competent of countries. It’s the advice of experts: to stay home and exercise social distancing to avoid spreading or contracting the virus.

On the other hand, it can also mean to guarantee the security of your home in Salt Lake City. Check your alarms and locks to ensure that they are working. Light up that dark corner of your house. Make sure your garage door is working perfectly. Your home should be a safe space.

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