Adulting: Valuable Life Skills to Learn


As kids, we looked up to adults and thought they have figured everything out – career, housework, and finances. But as those bright-eyed and innocent hopes slowly grow into more grounded and a little bit jaded goals, young adults are left waiting for that instant knowledge of understanding what to do. The great secret is finally revealed: everyone is just making it up along the way and trying their best to live their lives. While there are self-help books and adulting classes now, the responsibility is on each individual to develop the necessary skills in being a well-functioning adult.

Placing a premium on standardized academic test performance has put more practical classes like home economics and shop on the wayside. The home, where such life skills could be informally learned, are also not great avenues due to the rise of helicopter parenting. Children are given everything and not encouraged to explore and find their own independence. They are disempowered and babied leading to not knowing how to take care of themselves. This is why when college comes in, young adults find it difficult to live on their own and chart a path without their parents.

It’s time to take matters into each person’s hands and learn the top life skills one needs to be a full-fledged adult. Whether it is managing your finances or knowing where the nearest Oreck service center is in Utah to fix your broken vacuum.

  1. Cooking simple dishes

While you can get food by dining in restaurants, ordering takeout or leeching on your roommate’s meal preps, cooking your own food is healthier and more affordable. You learn how nutrition works and how much ingredients really cost. One can also adjust the flavor and taste of the dish based on preferences. There’s no one to tell you that you can’t add chili flakes to add a bit of kick. Start easy by learning how to make scrambled eggs and stir-fried vegetables.

  1. Cleaning your apartment

cleaning materials

Dust and clutter can easily pile up if you don’t clean your space at least once a week. Women would think of sporting short haircuts with the amount of hair fall that needs to be swept away. Learning how to use a broom, vacuum, and mop properly might seem intuitive but there is a certain technique in making sure you’re not just swirling the dust from one place to another. Tackle the innermost room first and clean outwards so that the messiness won’t migrate back to the first room. Learn how much bleach and other cleaning products you should use.

  1. Talking to your neighbors and community

It’s easy to mind your business and live a solitary life without getting to know your neighbors and community. You might even feel a little shy or anxious in approaching them or starting small talk in the elevator or hallway. Introducing yourself to the people in your building or subdivision has a lot of benefits. They can watch out for you if they notice something untoward happening to your apartment or house and you might even be treated to the occasional meal.

  1. Game plan when you get sick

Getting sick is inevitable and you should know your protocol when it happens. What medicine should you stock up? Who should you call when your symptoms get worse? When should you go to the hospital to get checked? What is your health insurance policy and how can you avail of it? Having the answers to these questions can make your next sick day a walk in the park or an added headache.

Adulting comes with both perks and responsibilities, a time of growth and transitions. Prepare for the next stage of life by developing the needed skills to thrive and reach your goals.

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