Renter’s Guide: Things to Consider When Choosing a Car Rental Agency

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Car rentals come in handy during vacations and business trips. The same also applies to locals who might not own a vehicle and want to hit the road. However, renting a car is often tricky. This task becomes more overwhelming if you are in another country like Singapore, where you can grab car rental service from various providers.

Choosing the best car agency will go a long way in saving you time and money. You certainly want a good deal while getting a great experience on the road. Here’s a guide to help you when choosing a car rental company.


Reliable car rental providers are market leaders in the car-renting industry. Before making your final choice, search for online reviews. Ideal car rentals often have many positive online reviews. After all, happy, satisfied customers tend to share great customer experience with their friends on social media or other consumers on review sites.

Online searches also highlight the way a car rental company handles problems that arise. Ensure to consider an agency that is always professional and respectful to a customer.

Variety of Vehicles

Serious car rentals should have a fleet of vehicles to offer to customers. Enquire whether they have your preferred car. An SUV should be the right fit if you intend to travel with your family. On the other hand, if you’re alone, you can opt for a smaller vehicle. High-end vehicles are great when you want to experience a luxurious trip.

It is often advisable to inspect a car before renting it. Check whether it has enough legroom, whether it has enough room for luggage or if it’s in the right condition. You can also move ahead and inspect similar cars to see if they work for you.

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Terms and Condition

It’s a good thing to always read the fine print before renting a car. You might be fixated going for a more affordable car rental service only to miss the many hidden charges that await you.

See details such as refuelling the vehicle upon return, extra pay if you drive further, charges for additional drivers or insurance required. The best car rental will have all these terms and conditions printed in a friendly manner or online.

Extra Features

Ask whether the vehicle rental company offers any additional items to the basic package and their charges. Does the automotive rental agency provide child seats, roof racks, GPS units or and any other luxury feature at extra cost? A good company is supposed to offer these extras at a discounted price.

Roadside Maintenance

In the course of driving your rental vehicle, you are sometimes bound to experience some mechanical glitches. When they do occur, an ideal rental company never deserts you. It should have measures in place for repairs and other needed services. Some vehicle rental providers have even gone overboard and installed one-stop accident and repair centres. You do not have to worry about potential mechanical failures when renting from such companies.

Renting a car from an esteemed vehicle dealer will undoubtedly boost your driving experience. The above tips should guide you when choosing your next car rental agency.

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