From Tourist to Traveller: 8 Things to Try While Travelling


Travelers in SingaporeWhether you’re an expert wanderer, a solo backpacker, a novice traveller, or a group tour enthusiast, it takes a lot of guts and grit to travel. It’s actually surprisingly easy to travel like a seasoned explorer. The secret is to tap into the innate everyday behaviours that will elevate your travel experience.

Here are 8 things Casio Singapore suggests doing while travelling to experience the culture and countries in full.

1. Take the road less travelled. Visiting places that haven’t been affected by mass tourism is a great way to have an authentic cultural experience. You can visit the most popular travel destinations and still explore some unknown hideaway by asking around.

2. Take public transportation. Not only will it be cheaper than taking a taxi, you also get to live like a local. You get to see more of your surroundings as you would need to know where you’ll get off. Don’t forget to bring a map and be wary of your personal belongings.

3. Buy a unique souvenir. Avoid those souvenirs being sold at gift shops. Explore the market and find something local that will serve as a reminder of your adventure.

4. Document your travel. Keep a travel journal or diary. Take photos with a compact camera or even your smartphone. Upload your adventures online. Anything that’ll let you look back on your trip and recap your days of travelling.

5. Eat at a local place. Eating local food is part of experiencing the local culture. Not only that but local food are usually made from fresh produce from the area. Besides, why would you travel all that way for a fast food burger you get to eat every day?

6. Explore. Go for a walk around where you’re staying or rent a bike to explore your surroundings. You get to discover more places you might have missed.

7. Learn the language. Whether it’s a greeting or saying “thank you”, locals will definitely appreciate your effort.

8. Challenge yourself. Get outside your comfort zone. Try the weird looking food everyone seems to be enjoying, you might find you actually like it. Go on a hike in the nearby hills. Make this trip more memorable than your last one.

Improve your trip by getting immersed in the culture and people. Strike up conversations and ask about the local culture and widen your worldview. With these in mind, go pack your bags and have the best trip of your life, traveller!

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