5 Ways to Maintain your Dentures


Dentures In Mesa, ArizonaA beautiful smile can get you places. But a missing tooth can lessen the potential your smile can give you. Good thing there are dentures to help you eat all kinds of food you want, and smile as much as you want. Dental clinics in Mesa, Arizona are capable of providing you with good quality dentures. But just like your own teeth, proper care should be given to lessen the need for denture repairs

Tips to maintain your dentures

  1. Handle with care

Dentures may be able to help you eat different kinds of food, but it still deserves to be handled with care once it is out of your mouth. Avoid damaging your dentures by placing it on a towel when removed. Handle it gently to avoid dents and breaking.

  1. Brush and rinse regularly

Remove your dentures after meals to be able to clean it properly. Remove food, plaque, and avoid stains by brushing your dentures with soft bristles. Avoid using toothpaste when brushing to avoid abrasive scratches that can house plaque.

  1. Clean your mouth

Cleaning your dentures is not enough; do not forget to clean your mouth as well! Brush your teeth (remaining teeth, if there are any), gargle and floss like you would when you had a complete set of teeth. To maintain the cleanliness and lifespan of your dentures, it is also important to have the right oral hygiene.

  1. Soak dentures

When dentures are not in used, make sure to keep them moist to preserve its shape. Soaking them in denture soaking solutions or in water often does the trick. Denture solutions keep them clean while maintaining its original condition.

  1. Regular dental checkups

Do not forget to have your teeth (both real and dentures) checked regularly. Your dental visit is the best way to keep your mouth, teeth, and dentures in top shape.

Smile, and show the world a kind of beauty that a good set of teeth can give.

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